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Really joyful’ about her relationship with Jesse Rutherford, Billie Eilish

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For Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford, everything is going great.
Despite criticism over their age gap, the singer, 20, says she is pleased to be dating the Neighbourhood frontman, 31.

Eilish described her relationship to Vanity Fair as “very fantastic,” “extremely exciting,” and “super delighted about it.”

She frankly admitted, “I managed to get… [my life] to a place where I not only was known by a person I felt was the hottest f* f alive, but pulled his ass. Are you guys fooling me? Everyone, Jesse Rutherfor

She discussed their relationship in detail and said that “physical touch” is her “love language.”
Apart from that, she added, “I just prefer freedom…you know, I don’t want to be dominated.” “I wish to be believed.”and I need to be able to have my own space as well as affection and consideration. Equal admiration is also very significant.

Eilish continued by saying that Rutherford inspires her and vice versa.
She said, “It’s pretty great.

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