The Pale Blue Eye is a mystery film set in 19th century America.

The film follows Augustus Landor (Christian Bale) as he investigates a mysterious and potentially occult murder at West Point military academy.

Landor is assisted by a young cadet named Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling).

The film is directed and written by Scott Cooper and has a gothic atmosphere.

The cinematography is described as "ripped from an oil painting" and the film has a pale and gray palette.

Christian Bale and Harry Melling give strong performances and have good chemistry.

The rest of the cast also does a good job in their roles.

The third act is described as having "melodramatic bluntness" and not sticking the landing.

The ending is described as "unnecessarily jumbled" and "needlessly cruel."

The film is described as a "solid gothic entry to the mystery genre."

The film is available on Netflix starting January 6.

The film is an adaptation of the Louis Bayard novel of the same name.