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What are the 10 best English TV series to watch?

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In light of an honour winning play (“The Audience”) by showrunner Peter Morgan, this rich, Netflix-unique show narrates the existence of Sovereign Elizabeth II from the 1940s to present day times. The series starts with an inside take of a gander at the early rule of the sovereign, who rose to the lofty position at age 25 after the demise of her dad, Lord George VI. As the many years pass, individual interests, sentiments, and political competitions are uncovered that assumed a major part in occasions that formed the later long stretches of the twentieth 100 years.and there is a total 5 seasons of the crown, currently running the 5th season of this series.

Image Source- IMBD
Premier date4 Nov, 2016
CreatorPeter Morgan
Executive producerPeter Morgan, Suzanne Mackie, Andy harries, Stephen daldry, Matthew Byam-Shaw, Robert fox
Tv networkNetflix
Star castImelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, Dominic west, Elizabeth Dubicki


An unpredictable yet merciful extraterrestrial Time Master speeds through reality to tackle issues and fight unfairness across the universe, voyaging by means of the TARDIS (Time and Relative Aspects in Space), which is his old and periodically problematic spaceship that looks like a blue police telephone box (yet changes its appearance relying upon its environmental elements) and is a whole lot bigger inside than outside.

Image Source- IMBD
GenreSci fi
Premier date26 March, 2005
Executive producerChirs chibnell, Matt strevens, Sam Holyle
Tv networkBBC
Star castNcuti Gatwa, Jodie whittaker, Mandip gill, John bishop, Tosin cole

3.GAME OF THRONES (2011 – 2019)

“A Song of Ice and Fire,” the best-selling book series by George R.R. Martin, is adapted on the big screen as HBO puts its enormous storytelling chops to work on the mediaeval fantasy epic. In it, two mighty families—kings and queens, knights and outlaws, liars and honest men—play a treacherous game for control of Westeros’ Seven Kingdoms and the right to sit on the Iron Throne. The series, which was filmed in Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia, and Spain, lists Martin as a co-executive producer and one of the authors.

Image Source- IMBD
Premier date17 April, 20111
Executive producerDavid Benioff, D.B. weiss
Tv networkHBO
Star castPeter dinklage, Nikolaj coster-waldau, Lena headey, Emilia clarke, Aidan gillen

4.PEAKY BLINDERS (2013 – 2022)

Britain in 1919, following the Great War, is a mixture of hopelessness and hedonism. In a country that is being racked by economic crisis, returning military, recently minted revolutions, and criminal gangs are fighting for survival. The Peaky Blinders is one of the most dominant gangs of the era, and it is led by Thomas Shelby and his family, a returning war hero. Thomas, though, has goals that go beyond simply controlling the streets. He sees a chance to rise in life when a cargo of guns goes missing because while crime may pay, legitimate business pays better. Inspector Chester Campbell, who has just arrived from Belfast, is attempting to rid Britain of its crime.

Image Source- IMBD
Premier date12 Sep, 2013
Tv networkBBC, (Also watch in Netflix, Season 1-6)
Star castCillian murphy, Natasha O’Keeffe, Paul anderson, Sophie rundle, Finn cole


Lucy (Jessica Raine) awakens at 3:33am every single night and becomes involved in a murder case where the mysterious Gideon (Peter Capaldi) is the prime suspect in this British thriller created by Tom Moran.

Image Source-Gadgets 360
GenreMystery thriller
Premier date28 Oct, 2022
Tv networkAmazon Prime Video
Star castJessica raine, Peter capaldi, Nikesh patel, Alex Ferns, Barbara marten


He city of London is being destroyed by the violent epic showdowns of the global packs that control it and the abrupt power vacuum that is made when the top of London’s most remarkable wrongdoing family is killed.

Image Source- IMBD
Premier date23 April, 2022
CreatorGareth evans, Matt flannery 
Executive producerGareth evans, Matt flannery, Gabriel silver
Tv networkAMC+
Star castSope Dirisu,Joe cole,Colm meaney, Lucian msamati, Michelle fairely


Socially off-kilter secondary school understudy Otis might not have a lot of involvement with the lovemaking division, but rather he gets great direction on the point in his own sex education course by living with his mother, Jean, who is a sex specialist. Being encircled by manuals, recordings, and drearily open discussions about sex, Otis has turned into a hesitant master regarding the matter. At the point when his cohorts find out about his home life, Otis chooses to utilize his insider information to work on his status at school, so he groups with brilliant troublemaker Maeve to set up an underground sex treatment facility to manage their colleagues’ concerns. In any case, through his examination of young sexuality, Otis understands that he might require some treatment of his own.

Image Source- IMBD
Premier date11 Jan, 2019
CreatorLaurie nunn
Executive producerJamie campbell,Ben Taylor,Laurie nunn
Tv networkNetflix
Star castAsa butterfield,Gillian anderson,Ema mackey,Ncuti gatwa,Connor swindells

8.DOWNTON ABBEY (2010 – 2015)

This English show series follows the existence of the Crawley family and its workers in the family’s exemplary Georgian ranch style home. The series starts with the 1912 sinking of the Titanic, which leaves Downton Monastery’s future in danger since the hypothetical beneficiaries of Robert, Duke of Grantham—his cousin James and James’ child, Patrick—bite the dust in the calamity, passing on the family without a male posterity to take over Downton when the ongoing master kicks the bucket. The point is significant since Master Grantham’s kids are girls—women Mary, Edith, and Sybil—yet the features of their lives and those of the staff beneath the steps staff—likewise, a profoundly controlled world—have entrancing story lines.

Image Source- IMBD
Premier date26 Sep.2010
Tv networkITV
Star castMaggie smith, Hugh bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Brendan Coyle,Joanne Froggatt


Highlighting independent dramatisations – – sharp, sensational, ironical stories that investigate techno-suspicion – – “Dark Mirror” is a contemporary modifying of “A Twilight Zone” with stories that tap into the aggregate disquiet about the cutting edge world. Every story includes its own cast of novel characters, including stars like Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Assistance”), Alice Eve, Gugu Mbatha-Crude, Tom Cullen, and Jerome Flynn (“Round of High Positions”). Joe Wright, Dan Trachtenberg, and James Watkins are among the included chiefs.

Image Source-Rotten Tomatoes
GenreSci fi
Premier date4 Dec, 2011
CreatorCharlie Brooker
Executive producerAnnalbel Jones,Charlie Brooker
Tv networkNetflix


The story of a Michelin-starred chef whose world implodes when he discovers shocking secrets about his pregnant wife.

Image Source-Rotten Tomatoes
Premier date11 Nov, 2022
CreatorJez Butterworth
Executive producerJez Butterworth
Tv networkAmazon prime video
Star castJames Corden,Melia Kreiling ,Colin Morgan, Sally Hawkins, Henry Lloyd-Hughes

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